Five Healthy Meals You AND Your Kids Will Love!

Whether you’ve previously had a gestational diabetes diagnosis during pregnancy or simply want a healthy lifestyle change, the most common question is “What can I eat?” Generally, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle. This means exercising regularly, eating similar amounts of food at each meal, choosing lean proteins, increasing vegetable intake, and drinking plenty of water. Regarding carbohydrates, it’s very important to keep them in your diet, and choose ones high in fiber and low in sugar. Every woman is different, and what works for one woman may not work for another.  A dietitian can help you find your healthy lifestyle.


One way to start following a healthy lifestyle is to cook at home. By cooking at home you can:

control portion sizes

know exactly what you are eating and avoid unnecessary added fat, salt or sugar

reduce temptations

increase the amount of time you spend with your family

save money!


Here are some easy and healthy recipes to get you started:

Lightened Cajun Chicken Alfredo with Veggies
"This Lightened Cajun Chicken Alfredo with Veggies has just the right amount of flavor to please everyone in the family.  Ready in less than 30 minutes!"
Source: Super Healthy Kids

Crock pot kid-friendly turkey chili
"A mild, kid-friendly chili"
Source: SkinnyTaste

One-Pan Chicken Parmesan Pasta
"This dish uses the one-pot pasta method to cook your noodles, chicken and sauce all in one skillet for a fast and easy dinner with minimal cleanup."
Source: Eating Well

Ham & Cheese Breakfast Casserole
"This healthy update of a traditionally rich ham-and-cheese breakfast has plenty of flavor, half the calories and one-third the fat of the original."
Source: Eating Well 

Easy Chicken Fried Rice
"Frozen mixed vegetables make this healthy chicken fried rice recipe quick, easy and economical."
Source: Eating Well