Primary Care Providers

The Ohio Type 2 Diabetes Learning Collaborative developed several resources to aid providers in the treatment and care plan for women of child-bearing age at high risk for T2DM. In consultation with nationally-recognized subject matter experts, along with feedback from participating providers across Ohio, a clinical toolkit and consumer resources have been adapted for providers and support staff.

Provider Toolkit includes:

Proposed assessment and screening workflow algorithm for an office-based setting

Care coordination strategies and resources

Health and wellness educational messaging for consumers

Shared decision making guides

Consumer Resources include:

Education on risk of developing T2DM

Information on association between GDM and T2DM

Recommended lifestyle changes

Nutrition and dietary guidelines

Screening guidelines


The lifetime prevalence of the development of type 2 diabetes for women with a history of GDM is as high as 60%, depending on cofactors. In response to this growing problem, clinical experts have developed key information for both providers and consumers on T2DM assessment and screening recommendations. Please click on the images below for more information.

Clinical Tools

Recommendations for T2DM screening frequency, review of diagnostic algorithms, and more…

Office resources

Office flow chart and history form, Quality Improvement PDSA recommendations, and more…

Consumer Education

Key messaging for T2DM screenings, lifestyle modifications, dietary guidelines, and more…


Access webinars from nationally-recognized clinical experts in treating women at high risk for developing T2DM…